What is going on here?

Hi, My name is Pauline and I am the founder and photographer of this blog.

It’s 2018 yes. I am finally getting my blog together to share a little of the Kiwi lifestyle and record some of my life, memories and snaps,

Hang out here and you will find kiwi life, summer fun, NZ beaches, crazy campouts. bush walks and so much more of outdoor NZ with a focus on the Northern end of the North Island (Auckland North)  and of course a variety of other NZ themed stuff.

Oh yeah, add the odd recipe, gardening tip, maybe some art and tons of scenic photos.

I am now shaking hands with middle age and use this blog to encourage myself to get out and enjoy life and to make the most of what I love. Bush, Beach, Swimming, Kayaking, Camping, Art, Gardening and real food,  but most of all photography especially Nature and Scenic.

All of the above will be found here eventually. You can get to check out some Kiwi beaches, bush walks, Regional Parks, tourist attractions, beautiful photography and get a taste of the NZ lifestyle.

About Me

Love– The natural world, outer space and all in between. Natural products, organics and the home garden.Family time.

Gets under my skin – Pollution and putting the animals of our world second while we strip away at their habitat. Listening to more and more negative news about our oceans. What we do affects our planet.

Top Interests- Photography, painting, cooking, my house and gardening. Most of all being in the outdoors.

I am an amateur at all I do and love. I cruise through life with no formal training yet seek constantly to learn new skills each day.

I enjoy sharing my experiences here, I get to stash my images and my memories and hope you may also find my posts interesting and feel free to share my post far and wide.

Thanks for reading and visiting my blog.