Sharing Photos Online

This is my experience of sharing my photography online.

Because my blog centres around my love for amateur photography I thought it would be cool to share my footsteps to how I have journeyed with my photos online. This is coming from a very amateur photographer. What I am trying to say is that if you like taking photos and you would like to turn them into an online sort of hobby, but do not have the confidence to give it a go. I will give you some ideas on how to start.

Build Online Confidence

Public Domain

Gather up your images and put them into file groups. Put your best photos into a file to save for a later project and gather the photos that you think are good but perhaps not special and start off by joining a public domain photography website. You can get used to uploading them, people viewing them and gain confidence in sharing them. This how I started. I also shared my best holiday images with my Facebook friends.

Here are my Public Domain Images Click Here

Up Next Blog it out.

If you have not got a blog and would like one but are a little “step in and do” shy, then give one of the free blog platforms ago. It is a great way to start and a good way to get used to sharing more images online. Blogger and word press are both a good way to work your way into it. This is how I started. It is really easy to get a blog started and fun while you learn. You can just centre it around your images and have more images than writing if you prefer.

Wasted Time Online

I have spent a ton of time already wasted online. I have started projects then stopped projects. I drop the ball more than I carry it. I like to tell myself that one day the road may lead to success, so I push on and on. Each day checking something new out. The trick is to sidestep all scams, and of course, there are a ton of them.

One day I went back to my public domain website. I was shocked to see that out of my 279 images loaded that I had had 189 thousand downloads. Silly just simple photos. I am quickly learning that it is just so much easier to share photos for free than to have them downloaded at a small cost. It is over 200 thousand now and not even one cup of coffee. Funny……..

Now, this has got me thinking.

All of those downloads so what if I had my images out there for a couple of dollars.? Now, this is where I am now. I have just worked out that you can load the same image to different image websites as long as they allow a common license. You can see my mind ticking. My better images on multiple websites and maybe one day. A passive income.

I have found a website that is a really great place to start. You have a little confidence and now it is showtime. I have loaded some of my photos onto a website to give it a try.

This is my website at Picfair

This is a continuous journey and one that may take you anywhere.

From blogging to sharing and having your own photo website or perhaps creating a beautiful product with your images. There is no end to where this may take you. There is a ton of video and course photography training online and many corners to turn. It is all part of the journey. Good