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Have a Berry NZ Christmas

This has worked so well for me and this Christmas 2018 I got so many berries from just one vine that why would you not give this a try. The plants are so cheap at the garden shop, thorn less, easy to manage and the amount of Berries that I have had has more than paid for the cost of the plant.This is the second year that I have had the vine.The first year I got quarter of an ice cream container and this year I got 2 ice cream containers. More than enough for berries on Christmas dessert to go with the Pavlova and the chocolate brownie and even enough for a trifle that I made for my brothers birthday 2 days ago.

My berry tips

  • Plant in shaded spot
  • Pick as ripen before the birds get them and put straight in freezer in container with lid. Keep adding new berries as they are ready.
  • Cover plant with old net curtain to help keep birds at bay.
  • Gently heat in pot with a little liquid and a little sugar or maple syrup to taste.

I wish I had thought of this years ago.It is a great saving at Christmas. Everyone loves the berries. One less thing to worry about or to have to purchase during a hectic and expensive time of the year.