Hauraki Gulf News

Of interest in our local water world for Aucklander’s, the Hauraki Gulf news going to impact our lives in many ways.

I have decided to include this page here so I can keep an eye on what is happening and also for some of my readers who spend a large portion of their summers playing in and around the Hauraki Gulf.

Image of our Camp Site on Motuora Island

Kiwi’s of the Hauraki Gulf

Did you know that we have an Island in the Hauraki Gulf which has become a Nursery for our little brown Kiwi Birds. Motuora Island is positioned just offshore and you can also camp there and enjoy the sound of the Kiwis at night. 12 Kiwi birds were recently relocated from the Island to the mainland, to Pukenui Western Hills Forest. You can see more of Motuora Island from my recent camping trip. Click Here

Blue Whale Sightings in the Hauraki Gulf

This is the news that gives us more urgent reason to find and put to practice ways to improve the water quality and clean up the Hauraki Gulf. We need to keep these waters clean and healthy for all of the marine life that comes in to visit and lives around the Islands of the Hauraki Gulf.This is the second year running these huge animals have been spotted in the Gulf and they may become regular visitors each year. You can read about their visit Here

At Last there may be Research into how Whale Watching may effect the Whales

I was wondering this myself a little while ago when I saw a video of Whales acting strangely around a Tour Boat. I am glad that research is perhaps underway. I found this article today and it looks like our Marine professionals are looking into the effects of tourism on Whales. You can read more Here