Hauraki Gulf News

Of interest in our local water world for Aucklander’s, What’s happening in the Hauraki Gulf news could impact our lives in many ways.

I have decided to include this page here so I can keep an eye on what is happening and also for some of my readers who spend a large portion of their summers playing in and around the Hauraki Gulf.

Image of our Camp Site on Motuora Island, Hauraki Gulf NZ

Kiwi’s of the Hauraki Gulf

Did you know that we have an Island in the Hauraki Gulf which has become a Nursery for our little brown Kiwi Birds? Motuora Island is positioned just offshore and you can also camp there and enjoy the sound of the Kiwis at night. 12 Kiwi birds were recently relocated from the Island to the mainland, to Pukenui Western Hills Forest. You can see more of Motuora Island from my recent camping trip. Click Here

Blue Whale Sightings in the Hauraki Gulf

This is the news that gives us more urgent reasons to find and put to practice ways to improve the water quality and clean up the Hauraki Gulf. We need to keep these waters clean and healthy for all of the marine life that comes in to visit and lives around the Islands of the Hauraki Gulf. This is the second year running these huge animals have been spotted in the Gulf and they may become regular visitors each year. You can read about their visit Here

At Last, there may be Research into how Whale Watching may affect the Whales

I was wondering this myself a little while ago when I saw a video of Whales acting strangely around a Tour Boat. I am glad that research is perhaps underway. I found this article today and it looks like our Marine professionals are looking into the effects of tourism on Whales. You can read more Here

Restoring Shellfish in the Hauraki Gulf

It has to be said, we all need to think now before we collect and eat shellfish. Shellfish play a huge part in keeping the sea waters healthy and clear. Over the years the Hauraki Gulf has bee stripped of rock life and shellfish and it is no wonder the waters are becoming thick with sediment and unable to support a healthy environment for the creatures of our ocean to flourish and be happy in. The Government is putting a hand in to help as new mussel beds are introduced and with hope will become healthy and able to act as a water filter. Read more Here

Bryde’s Whale – 6 Years of Success

2019 Conservation Week noted 6 years of no Bryde’s Whales being struct by ships coming through the Hauraki Gulf. In 2013 Ports of Auckland encourages changes in ship speed, route and being on the lookout for Whales to help protect them and avoid injury and death of the Bryde Whales. Before 2013 there were on average 2 Whales struck yearly. The speed of the ship makes a big difference. It is estimated that there are about 50 Bryde Whales in the gulf

Another Good Reason to Visit the Hauraki Gulf

Besides the beautiful beaches. amazing Islands and the refreshing sea breezes, it just so happens that there is another good reason to visit the Hauraki Gulf. The dark night sky is perfect for stargazing and others are noticing too. I have enjoyed many an evening walking the beach and admiring the stars.

Sharks and Orcas Spotted.

Spotting sea creatures. I always figure that I am lucky if out on the boat if we spot dolphins, whales or a shark. It seems the summer of 2020 may be the year for it with Orcas spotted off Algies Bay and Sharks at Orewa Beach. Exciting days ahead. UPDATE Continuing with this theme, there has been a very large number of juvenile sharks spotted swimming at Great Barrier Islands. Many of these were Hammerhead sharks.

Lockdown in the Hauraki Gulf

While the fish were given a much-deserved rest during the lockdown in the Hauraki Gulf. There were still boaties that had made a desperate break for it and sailed off into the blue waters of the gulf. They were soon to discover they would have to spend their month afloat, unable to land on any Island. Still, if you had a big enough vessel and love for the sea, the weather was nice and I could think of worse places to be locked down. There are those who stay in isolation by choice in the Hauraki Gulf. Check out this news article on Motuihe Island with amazing images.Click Here