Sample Image NZ

I live behind my camera, especially when stepping into the outdoors. I am a pretend photographer not a professional, just pass me the camera I see a good shot, that type of thing. I just enjoy capturing the awesome NZ nature.

Has anyone seen my camera?

No really

Check out a couple of Images to give you an idea of what you will experience here on this blog. There are so many posts to  come packed with amazing scenic NZ images.

Each photo has a story, a place and post for this blog.

Best of all I have hundreds of photo’s. NZ is my stomping ground.I love the sound of the bush, the wind in my hair, the roar of the surf and sand in my toes.

Here is a  small sample of images to give you a taste to what you will find on this blog.

Photos all taken on outings in NZ my local playground and many posts will be made up on these outdoor adventures so you get to come along and check it out too.


Photos and more Photos 

I also have other photos loaded around the internet. Some at public domain images and others sitting on a photo website which is another project of mine that will find it’s way here too in the near future. That’s for another day.