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‎Tuesday, ‎June ‎19, ‎2018

Plastic Bags On the way out at many NZ supermarkets

This is super good news. Many of us are being retrained to carry reusable bags in our cars so we always have them with us when we go shopping for groceries now. which is the first big step in a very long journey to getting rid of the plastic waste that this world is drowning in. It’s a step that we can all easily take and what a difference it will take if we all do it.

The issue of plastic and bags is a growing problem that won’t go away.

In fact, the growing mountain of plastic, not only worldwide but here in NZ, is becoming a major issue. Although our beaches look clean you only need to dig under the sand or walk a little to find a variety of plastic bits, bobs and bags. As long as we continue to support companies by purchasing products with plastic then we are guilty too. I myself am also guilty and have a lot to learn. It is difficult to avoid packaging everywhere but we must try.

Update on How the Plastic Bag Issue is Going Aug 18

Just thought I would add in how we are going here in NZ with getting rid of plastic bags at supermarkets. We are all learning to adjust. We now remember out reusable bags when heading to get out shopping. Some of our supermarkets have totally got rid of the bags now so if you don’t have one you have to purchase a bag to reuse. Now the next issue is somehow replacing all the plastic wrapping that appears to be on almost every product. Any progress has to be good progress right.

21  August 2018

You may be surprised to hear that our, nicknamed, clean and green country has

some very grainy issues in a number of different sectors. One of these being the warnings at many of Auckland’s beaches towards the end of last summer. Seems the population of Auckland has rapidly been allowed to expand without having any safe options for where much of the sewage overflow and runoff water is going to.In turn that has left our beaches unsafe for swimming at times and came as a wake-up shock to me. I believe that the Auckland Council is working on solutions although it is said that these are going to take some time before the problem is solved. Living in a polluted environment is a very scary thought for the future and I hope the solution is found soon.

21 Dec 18

Xmas Plastic Everywhere Gripe

Time to put the green hat on. After visiting a local store on an outing preparing for Christmas I again was overcome by the amount of plastic, especially in the toy section. I am sure many of the toys would last just a day or two before being added to the rubbish pile. Not to mention the wrapping.Us humans have a long way to go and we need to wake up and take a look at what Christmas is really about. It is a time to spend with family and friends not a time to add more plastic to a growing issue.

The Future Electric Cars NZ

Yep, you hear a lot about electric cars this day as more and more people are making the switch. I figure my next car may well be electric so I am naturally keen to find out more. Everything I have heard so far has been positive. The electricity is certainly cheaper, however, the big question will be what will happen once everyone has one. Will it then become expensive as the demand for electricity becomes an issue.

18 Jan 19

Why to Road Users in NZ Litter?

I have no idea what is happening in our local area. We do have a lot of holidaymakers and the traffic is often gridlocked, but I will never understand who thinks it is ok to just throw their rubbish out of the car window. Many of us locals are getting really sick of seeing the pile-up of rubbish. This is a big bad eco step backwards. It is very sad. If it is you could you please care a little more and just put it in a bin.


Time To Dim Your Lights -Hauraki Gulf

I have just read an interesting report that cruise ships coming into the Hauraki Gulf will dim their lights to try to prevent seabirds from becoming stunned, confused and flying into lights then hitting the deck. Sounds like a change for the good.