Quarry Garden’s Whangarei Visit NZ Garden

NZ Gardens, Scenic Bush NZ

Quarry Garden’s Whangarei gets the thumbs up from me. It got me thinking the other day.Just what do you do during the weekends.As we slide into spring yet it is still to cool for a beach day.Then I remembered my visit to the Quarry Garden’s  Whangarei, a perfect days outing for the ultimate spring like […]

August 6, 2018

Check Out the Kiwi Bush Experience

Kiwi Bush, Scenic Bush NZ, Scenic Image NZ

Surround yourself with nature with the Kiwi bush experience. The bush in NZ perfect if you love to hang out in the outdoors I spent hours playing in the bush down the back of my father’s house as a kid and maybe that is why I love to go for bush walks today. There are […]

June 24, 2018