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    An Overnight Bush Hike to Peach Cove NZ

    Staying in a Doc Hut Peach Cove NZ Some people constantly live the outdoor lifestyle in NZ, while others of us only half fit bods don’t really consider it too much unless pushed by our friends. I knew my pack was too heavy and I also knew that I am not the fittest person in hiking boots. But an overnight stay in a hut in the bush was just too tempting for me. The drive out to Whangarei Heads took an hour and a half and we managed to find the farm driveway where we risked leaving our cars for the night. We loaded our packs on and I secretly…

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    Scenic NZ Bush Train Trip Coromandel

    I Highly recommend this scenic  NZ bush train trip On visiting the Coromandel Region recently one of the highlights was visiting the Driving Creek Railway and enjoying a train trip that winds up through the lush Kiwi bush. The tourist attraction for young and old to enjoy. This is an enjoyable tourist attraction with a difference and suited to all ages. Hop the train and relax while you enjoy the full commentary and education on the history of the property and making of the train track up through the hilly native terrain. At first, I was a little worried, I’d seen photos, the fun train winding up through steep native…

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    Quarry Garden’s Whangarei Visit NZ Garden

    Quarry Garden’s Whangarei gets the thumbs up from me. It got me thinking the other day. Just what do you do during the weekends? As we slide into spring yet it is still to cool for a beach day. Then I remembered my visit to the Quarry Garden’s  Whangarei, a perfect days outing for the ultimate spring-like day. Visiting garden’s is often overlooked, yet they can be a great place to hang out and relax for a while. Auckland has public gardens by the museum, the botanic gardens and others. and there are lots of private gardens and properties that are open for public visits. I had never heard of…

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    Walking in the Kiwi Bush the must do NZ Experience

    I love walking in the Kiwi Bush You can easily step out and enjoy nature in New Zealand. The bush in NZ is a good choice  if you love to hang out in the outdoors I spent hours playing in the bush down the back of my father’s house as a kid and maybe that is why I love to go for bush walks today. There are walks in NZ that are suited to all levels of fitness. From half an hour to overnight and even days, it is easy to enjoy walking in the Kiwi bush in New Zealand with public bush walks throughout the country. The bush here…