Camping Tips 4 U

It’s Camp Time

I thought it would be fun to share a page of helpful tips. I have had some bad camping experiences but mostly good ones. Get it right in the beginning and your camp should be a breeze.

My list of camping tips comes mostly from experience. I hope they may prove useful.


  • Research your camp spot. Does it have clean drinking water, kitchens, showers or just a long don’t want to get there and find out it is lacking unless you like to rough it? Read reviews and see how others found it. Check out the area and see what fun or adventurous things the camp has to offer.
  • Book your camp well ahead of time (unless you are planning to freedom camp)
  • If friends are coming too, keep them in the loop. Make sure you have your dates correct and that you have booked sites together. You may also like to share food so you need to get together and go over the list.
  • Write a list of everything that you can think of and then some. Tick it off as you pack so that nothing is left out.
  • Air your gear out and check it over. Put the tent up in the yard if need be just to make sure it is still ok.
  • If you can pack a spare air bed. Backups are good. 
  • Check batteries and charge everything up. Outdoor solar garden lamps can be good too.
  • Take some warm gear and bedding even in summer. Sometimes the nights can be crisp.
  • Don’t forget a good first aid kit and even do some training so you can be ready for anything.
  • Remember suntan lotion, insect repellent, hat, sunglasses, a good book or two, meds, and a camera. Stuff the phone don’t you want to go off the grid? Although it is good to have one for emergencies.
  • Make sure the cooker will last the distance with backup gas etc.
  • Plan meals well. I always freeze some things so they take time to thaw out and double up to keep the chilly bin cold.Just make sure they are in airtight sealed containers so nothing can leak on to everything else.
  • You can premix dry ingredients eg for bread, pancakes etc so all you need to do is mix in some liquid and then you’re ready to go.
  • Be ready if you are lucky and catch fresh food, fish etc. Have the ingredients you need for a great dish.
  • Muesli bars are light to take and are even good for a fast breakfast.

Other Useful Stuff

Hammer, spade, clothes pegs, buckets, rope or clothesline, bean bags, a couple of tarps, rubbish bags, extra tent pegs. fishing gear, kayaks, paddle boards. backup lights and torches.Star Guide, weather app.Shellfish and fishing limit guide.A star map and binoculars for clear nights.Guitar, bat and ball etc.

What you can take all depends on what you can carry.

NZ Camping Tips

  • Best time of year is Dec through to about April but be prepared for any weather anytime.
  • The Doc (Department of Conservation)Camps offer beach, bush, walks but a long drop is the only service at most camps. It’s cheap to camp. If you love the beach and nature you will enjoy staying at these campsites. They also have huts, often deep in the bush.
  • Campgrounds while still cheap enough allows the luxury of a hot shower, kitchens etc. They are busy places over the summer so you may have to cosy up to close neighbours.
  • Freedom camping although it is happening in NZ. It can be risky and a target for thieves. Locals are not always kind to freedom camping due to the mess and damage they leave behind.
  • Some of the Doc camps you walk or boat into. If you are taking the kitchen sink then make sure to can drive to the campsite.

Don’t forget to get someone to water the plants and feed the pets.

The best advice is to pick your spot carefully for the ultimate camp and have fun.

Top Tip

Don’t  Forget Your Camera

I would go spare without it.(oh and I take a spare camera with me too.)