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    Scenic NZ Bush Train Trip Coromandel

    I Highly recommend this scenic  NZ bush train trip On visiting the Coromandel Region recently one of the highlights was visiting the Driving Creek Railway and enjoying a train trip that winds up through the lush Kiwi bush. The tourist attraction for young and old to enjoy. This is an enjoyable tourist attraction with a difference and suited to all ages. Hop the train and relax while you enjoy the full commentary and education on the history of the property and making of the train track up through the hilly native terrain. At first, I was a little worried, I’d seen photos, the fun train winding up through steep native…

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    A Good Night Photo can be tricky.

    Do you manage to get a good night photo?. It can become the good the bad and the ugly when you take your camera out at night. Trying to get a good night photo is not easy, Some may choose just to enjoy the evening without their camera and that I can totally understand. My success at night photography is 50-50. That is probably because I have not learnt the skill needed for total success. In fact, I have been known to fry a camera trying to capture night images of the moon before. Trying to Take Photos of the Moon Last night I almost fried two cameras. The experts…

  • Sharing Photos Online

    This is my experience of sharing my photography online. Because my blog centres around my love for amateur photography I thought it would be cool to share my footsteps to how I have journeyed with my photos online. This is coming from a very amateur photographer. What I am trying to say is that if you like taking photos and you would like to turn them into an online sort of hobby, but do not have the confidence to give it a go. I will give you some ideas on how to start. Build Online Confidence Public Domain Gather up your images and put them into file groups. Put your…

  • Camping Tips 4 U

    It’s Camp Time I thought it would be fun to share a page of helpful tips. I have had some bad camping experiences but mostly good ones. Get it right in the beginning and your camp should be a breeze. My list of camping tips comes mostly from experience. I hope they may prove useful. GO Research your camp spot. Does it have clean drinking water, kitchens, showers or just a long drop.you don’t want to get there and find out it is lacking unless you like to rough it? Read reviews and see how others found it. Check out the area and see what fun or adventurous things the…

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    Hot Water Beach NZ to Do

    Yes I had always wanted to go to Hot Water Beach NZ I have now ticked Hot Water Beach off the bucket list but would go again given the opportunity. My Visit to Coromandel was my big chance. My sister came over from Australia so we planned a visit to Coromandel. This was my big chance to go to a  New Zealand beach with hot water. All I knew was that you dig a hole and then relax in the warm water that comes in from underneath. Staying in Coromandel I booked a cool little place right in Coromandel Township so the trip to Hot Water Beach was a little…

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    Walking in the Kiwi Bush the must do NZ Experience

    I love walking in the Kiwi Bush You can easily step out and enjoy nature in New Zealand. The bush in NZ is a good choice  if you love to hang out in the outdoors I spent hours playing in the bush down the back of my father’s house as a kid and maybe that is why I love to go for bush walks today. There are walks in NZ that are suited to all levels of fitness. From half an hour to overnight and even days, it is easy to enjoy walking in the Kiwi bush in New Zealand with public bush walks throughout the country. The bush here…