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    Compare a Beach Image North of Auckland NZ I was wondering on this wet and windy day what would make a great post. I have so many beach images. Then I thought why not compare beach images and look at different coasts, Islands and beaches as they are all so unique in their own special way. This post will be more about images than writing so lets just take the visual tour. An Image View It is quite interesting checking the beaches out in a row as above. They are all different and unique and I love visiting all of beaches and they are all within a drive of Auckland…

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    Of interest in our local water world for Aucklander’s, What’s happening in the Hauraki Gulf news could impact our lives in many ways. I have decided to include this page here so I can keep an eye on what is happening and also for some of my readers who spend a large portion of their summers playing in and around the Hauraki Gulf. Kiwi’s of the Hauraki Gulf Did you know that we have an Island in the Hauraki Gulf which has become a Nursery for our little brown Kiwi Birds? Motuora Island is positioned just offshore and you can also camp there and enjoy the sound of the Kiwis…

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    Coastal Image Scenic Drive North Auckland

    For an Auckland coastal image choose the coastal route when travelling north of Auckland. I do drive this road on occasion and I always prefer the coastal road. It is quite hilly but on a good day, the scenery will take your breath away. Another good reason to take the coastal road during summer is so you can stop along the way to cool off in the tide. The Scenic Route To Capture a Coastal Image I was heading down the coast towards Auckland the other day and I had the camera in the car, so I stopped to grab some images. Following the Coastal Route. My journey started by…

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    Te Arai Beach Auckland North

    The very first time I went to Te Arai beach was because my son was going to a camp next to a lake that is very close to the beach. I had been to Mangawhai many times over yet had no idea that this beautiful piece of coast called Te Arai even existed. Naturally the surfie’s had found Te Arai long ago, as I soon found out. NZ has the most amazing coastline and plenty of it. As you head out of Auckland’s calm East Coast Bays and then get an inkling of east coast surf as you pass via Orewa beach. Travelling on past Wenderholm and Mahurangi West Regional…

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    5 Safe Swimming Beaches for Kids North Auckland

    The east coast of Auckland is a lot safer for young kids than the wild surf of the west coast. The East Coast is so much tamer and there are beaches not far North from Auckland, that are suited and safe for young families. Some may be tidal but that gives kids ago in the shallows and they have lots of fun just splashing about. Orewa  This beach with easy access being found 15 mins North of the East Coast Bays, it can be action packed and great fun on a good day. There are playgrounds, mild surf, walks and plenty of shops handy as the beach stretches along the…