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    A Beach Image Sunrise, Sunset NZ

    The Best Time to capture the ultimate Beach Image NZ This is my opinion, not all photographers would agree but it always works for me as long as the sky is clear. Morning is a great time to go for a walk with your camera and get a great beach image. Ad Photography the hobby that goes where you go so if you love the sea you may enjoy capturing a beach image. It is fair to say that photography is the hobby that you take everywhere. You will not be happy if you go somewhere and find that your camera is not with you. It does not matter if…

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    Compare Beach Image NZ

    Compare a Beach Image North of Auckland NZ I was wondering on this wet and windy day what would make a great post. I have so many beach images. Then I thought why not compare beach images and look at different coasts, Islands and beaches as they are all so unique in their own special way. This post will be more about images than writing so lets just take the visual tour. An Image View It is quite interesting checking the beaches out in a row as above. They are all different and unique and I love visiting all of beaches and they are all within a drive of Auckland…

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    Scenic Image NZ

    Tips for Great Beach Images

    Enjoy Taking Beach Photos? Check out my Top Tips and come away from your holiday with great beach photos. I went out to the beach a week ago for a walk and to see if I could get some sunrise images. This Truly is the golden hour for me. The sea is often calm and the sun as it rises leaves an amazing golden glow For a fun post I decides to share some tips for taking images at the beach. I have learnt these myself along the way. There are days when you go to the beach and the day is drab, dull the sea looks uninteresting maybe there…

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    A Visual Paradise Langs Beach NZ

    I was lucky last weekend to spend an amazing weekend at Langs Beach Langs Beach is located about 1- 1/2 hrs from Auckland. Located between Mangawhai Beach and Waipu Beach.  It has been a quick visit on a day trip for us before, and even then I loved the beach, but this is the first time that I have stayed there. Accommodation for our Weekend. I have written about past accommodation on previous posts and again I chose to go through Bookabach. After searching online for many hours I chose a house positioned at Langs north that offered a private bush track down to the beach and also offered views…

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    Ultimate Beach Photography NZ

    Capturing the ultimate beach photography means taking home great memories, cool images to share and true treasure offered free from nature. You may always take your camera with you, or sometimes wish you had thought of taking photos but with digital cameras, taking good images is just so easy. The trick is to know just when to use it to get some amazing images. If you have been hanging around with me here you will know that I love taking photos. I am no expert but sometimes I like to pretend I am. Beach photos are a passion of mine although I find it hard to paint ocean scenes I…

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    A Unique Relaxed Kiwi Beach Stay NZ

    Would you like the beach to yourself? This may not be the lap of luxury but if you love nature then you will love this Kiwi beach stay. I thought this wet winters day was perfect for writing up my New Years stay at Big Bay. Located at the Mahurangi Heads, North Auckland. This is another by private boat access or otherwise, I guess the Water Taxi’s at Sandspit would be a way of getting there also. Big Bay is located at the Mahurangi River Head and this makes it easy to access by boat from either Scotts Landing or Martins Bay. I was invited to join my brothers family…

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    This blog is where you will find an Ocean Image, a coastal experience and a great place to check out some North Island NZ beaches. 2021 For Love of the Beach. My first swim for the summer and a day trip to the local beach is surely the way to enjoy the beginning to this year. What is Important Heading Forward Into the future? Before Covid hit the news was all about the climate and global warming. Although the threat of global warming is not at the forefront of our news headlines recently, the problem is still very much with us. This blog is all about a scenic image with…