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    Many people do not know about the Cement Ruins of Warkworth. I have been in the area for most of my life so I learnt about the Cement works in Warkworth from a very early age. As a child, we often used to go there for a swim. Growing up as a teenager in the area the old Ruins at that time was also a favourite hang out. About the Old Cement works of Warkworth. These cement works were the first for NZ of manufacturing Portland Cement in the 1880s Foundered by Nathaniel Wilson’s The Cements works closed in 1928 during the depression. Then left to slowly become the ruin…

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    This blog is where you will find an Ocean Image, a coastal experience and a great place to check out some North Island NZ beaches. What’s New? Oct 2020 Summer is coming which means that it is time to grab the camera’s and head out on beach days, enjoy walking tracks and bush walks. I am looking forward to adding new posts and photos to this blog. Ad Lockdown Posts I have not had the camera out or been to the beach since lockdown began. The beach although close is too far for the distance that we have been allowed to travel. It has been ok for me. Being stuck…