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Coastal Walk NZ Ti Point North Auckland

I Enjoyed a Walk at the Beginning of the Week at Ti Point. Check out a Coastal Walk NZ.

Having lived in the North Auckland region most of my life I had never attempted the Ti Point coastal walk until now. With the summer in it’s prime, walking amongst the native fauna seemed to be a good idea.

I have to confess I walked about 40min each way and did not walk the full distance. I would have continued but even on the shaded track, the day was extremely hot and there is not really opportunities to take a swim.

The coast is extremely scenic yet also extremely rocky, so difficult to cool your feet on the walk.

Enjoy a Coastal View on the Ti Point Walk.

The track is narrow with lots of boulders and tree roots. You also encounter a low lying branch here and there. There are also stairs from time to time. The true beauty of this walk is the coastal scene that comes into view on every turn.

The view across to Omaha Beach is a bonus on the walk and I had chosen a good day for photography and also to get the most out of the sea views.

Looking Across At Omaha

Coastal Walk NZ

About the Ti Point Track

The Track follows the rocky coastline. This is also a popular fishing spot in the area so you almost certainly may encounter other walkers and locals fishing along the way. You can expect to find a mix of the narrow bush track, stairs and small over bridges. The track opens up to clearings along the way. There are plenty of large trees and rocks to sit and rest on so you can stop and enjoy the views.

You will also encounter, large Pohutukawa Trees, flax, bush ferns, Along with rocky coastal views dotted throughout the walk.

The track gets very narrow and tricky in spots and there are plenty of tree roots and rocks to trip on.

Overall the walk is pleasant and easy enough and I just loved the views.

On this walk, I also came across signs that Penguins can often be seen. I also saw dolphins playing offshore.  The walk takes you into a couple of fenced areas as cattle sometimes graze the area.

There were also bait signs up so if walking your dog it would pay to be careful.

There was the summer sound of cicadas amongst the trees but I was surprised by the absence of birds.

I really enjoyed this walk and shall be going again.

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