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Check out my Top Tips and come away from your holiday with great beach photos.

I went out to the beach a week ago for a walk and to see if I could get some sunrise images. This Truly is the golden hour for me. The sea is often calm and the sun as it rises leaves an amazing golden glow

For a fun post I decides to share some tips for taking images at the beach. I have learnt these myself along the way.

There are days when you go to the beach and the day is drab, dull the sea looks uninteresting maybe there is a cold wind and photo-taking becomes the last thing on your mind but on a good day you want to be keen and ready.

The Sun

Depending on the beach, which coast, what time of the day clouds etc, you can take the best photos with the sun on the sea on a good day. If the sun is just coming up, going down leaving a glistening path across the water or adding that extra shine to breaking waves. Considering the timing of the sun for your visit can make your photography more of a success.

Rocks and caves

Walking with your camera on the beach is a good idea.You get to see a different angle on the scene but also can find interesting rocks tree, stumps and caves. I love finding caves or even cliffs as they make great photos.

Waves and White Water

I have spent hours trying to get an outstanding wave image and I have to say I am still yet to get a photo that I am proud of, but it goes without saying, waves and white water are interesting and add opportunity.

Shells, Seaweed, Driftwood, Plants etc

The Beach has so much to offer so look around. Add a bit of interest into Beach images with shells, seaweed, rocks, driftwood, sandcastles, beach toy’s, birds just whatever happens to be there. TIP- Shells look good in the shallows with the sea lapping around them. Work your angles to get the best out of the props you have on hand.

Saving the best until last. Keep your eyes peeled for reflection.
When the conditions are right,let reflection be your best friend.

Many of My Images on this blog have been taken with the above Nikon Coolpix L310 camera. This was given to me a couple of years ago as a Mothers Day gift. I never go anywhere without this little camera it is easy to carry and I have had great success with it. It is perfect for the hobby photographer and is really good for closeups like in the garden or beach shots. Disclaimer (Ad) should any for my readers click on the above camera you would be taken to Amazon where you can check out more details prices and reviews. Should there be a purchase I would get paid a small percentage, as this is an affiliate link. Price is no different buy Amazon would pay me for opening the door to a customer.

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