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Matheson’s Bay North Auckland

Everyone has a favourite beach, right?

The local beach that I choose to go to above all the others is Matheson’s Bay. Maybe this is because the water is crisp and clear, or maybe it is because you always can have a decent swim there. Whatever my reason this beach has been the go-to since I was a kid.

What’s Matheson’s Bay like?

Matheson’s Bay is a small bay. There are two small car parks. Two entrances. One car park also opens up to a large grass area that runs alongside the estuary.

The road going down to this parking is short narrow and windy. No good for campers. The northern car park is easier to access There is a small bridge over the estuary connecting the two parking areas.

The beach has a grassed area and nice sand. The water drops off quite suddenly to deep, is cool crisp and clear. There are good rocks for walking on at low tide. Great for snorkelling, kayaking, swimming, picnicking and walking, there is a small bushwalk at the far end of the grassed area (first car park) It takes you up to a small waterfall. On the north end of the beach, you can walk up the grassed area and look over the point at the stunning views.


Photos Matheson’s Bay

Relax and enjoy the stunning views.

Where is Matheson’s Bay?

Matheson’sBay is located on the east coast, North Auckland NZ region. It is about 1 1/2 drive from the city. You travel north, turn off at Warkworth and head out to Leigh, This is also the route to the Goat Island Marine Reserve to which is located only a 10min drive away.

My other, go to beaches North of Auckland

I also love Tawharanui Regional Park and Omaha is also a popular beach to visit and a go-to for a good day out. To make a day of it if visiting Mathesons Bay, take your snorkel gear and visit Goat Island Marine Reserve as well.

Images were taken on a day at very high tide after a storm.

Images were taken on the bush walk at Matheson’s Day.

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