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Lockdown online Beach Art

What do you do when you cannot go to the beach for days and then weeks?

Not so much beach art but playing with photos really. Just bit of fun. A slightly artistic way to create an unusual image.

See what you think.

Summer Days
A Fav Scene
A Day at Goat Island

I know, a bit silly really. But this is only one crazy thing I have done during lock down so far.

I decided to post them here so I could also share a cool free tool that you can play with too.


I am glad that I found this in the nick of time. Just before we were locked in. This is great for someone who is just learning to create T Shirt graphic and more. The top images take 2 secs to create from your photos and they would be good for so many projects. You can alter them in many different ways. Take backgrounds off, make image shapes and more. You can add and play with different fonts, merge images , access graphics and more.

Check it out Here

Get going and keep yourself busy.

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