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Your Escape Post

Hi everyone.

My heart goes out to all of those closely effected by COVID-19 at the moment.

If you are locked inside, too scared to leave the house or just plain freaked at this time. You are not alone as we all feel that way. We are all suffering from a range of new emotions as we find ourselves in a situation like no other that we have experienced in the past.

Fear of the unknown. An unknown future. We want everything to go back to normal. We want this mess to be over yet we worry that we are at the beginning of a very long and rocky stretch.


I love being at home so that is not an issue but I am worried about friends and family. I am worried about finding money to keep up with the bills. I worry that food will be hard to get and that people will start to panic and I am wondering if I will live should I get the virus.


This is your escape post

I was wondering what I could do. How I could help us to all escape and then I thought, there is no better place to be than by the sea in times of trouble. A place where you can breathe the fresh sea air, listen to the waves on the shore and let go of all your worries.

So lets go.

I have shared some beach videos so that you can relax, clear your mind and escape to the sea.

Almost 2 weeks into lock down Nz

How is everyone doing?

Life sure has changed a little. I dream of going for a walk on the beach. In the mean time I am managing to keep myself busy.

I go from housework to paintinng to watching TV. Then I listen to free courses  on Udemy. To playing around creating T Shirt  designs. 4 oclock  is wine hour. Then there is reading in the deck chair. The weather has been great.

I have been for a walk  twice.The town was like a ghost town, I ventured to the supermarket once and did not like it so have not been back. Still have 2 weeks to go so will continue with my new routine and see where it takes me.

I wish all well and hope you are managing where ever you are. Do what ever it takes to keep busy. Boredom is the enemy when trapped at home.

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