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Hiking for an Image NZ

Photography, the hobby that gets you walking. Hiking for an image is mainstream for me.

When I set off with my camera I often also have my backpack, a muesli bar, water bottle, togs and my hiking shoes.

The Perfect Image Needs the perfect vantage point.

When it comes to the coast and taking photos, you are best to take many images and from many angles I have found. This means walking, taking not only close up photos but also long distance for the best vantage spot that you can access. It is always fun when you do have this option and when there are accessible tracks to hike on.

When the best image unfolds

When I see a good image ahead of me I take many photos. Photos from far to close. It becomes easy to spot the ideal combination for scenic beach images and although it does depend on the day, time, tide and sun, when you see a great combination for an image you just know that this is it.

Last week I went to a North Auckland Regional Park (Tawharanui ) for a hike, swim and to get some photos.

The following are a set of images first from afar and then closeup.

Beach Image from Afar

Beach Closeup Images

Of cause I enjoyed taking these images and left the best till last. Close-ups are always the ones I like the most and ending a hot hike with a cool swim is the best way to end the day.

Some days I just do not even take the camera out of it’s case.

You never really know until you get to the coast if it will be a good or bad day for photography. I instantly know on arrival if I am in luck or not. It depends so much for me on the tide, the colour of the sea, the wind, the sun etc. But one thing is for sure, on a good day and when I see the perfect setup for a great image my camera just goes into overdrive. I always look for interesting rocks, waves, caves, low hanging trees and anything that will balance out and ad interest to the image. I love the way the sun coming in on the right angle and the colour of the sea along with white break on the waves can make the an image pop.

The best part of enjoying coastal photography is also enjoying the sea and teaming this hobby up with exercise and fresh sea air. Just love it.

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