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Hatfields NZ Beach Image

One Small North Auckland Beach

A scenic photo image, yet unexpected from this small beach with the coastal road passing alongside. This is a beach that is often overlooked by traffic heading into the northern region of New Zealand. With the Wenderholm Regional Park only 5 mins further north I guess it is understandable that many people would bypass Hatfields, but I can tell you that I continue to be surprised at some of the cool images I capture while visiting Hatfields.

Great Elements for Beach Photography.

Although the road is right there and can be busy with traffic, Hatfields has trees for shade, nice sand and is a cool and refreshing safe place for swimming. There is also a boat ramp. The cliffs at the southern end make for an enjoyable small walk and add lots of great interest to photos. There is a toilet block across the road and campers often seem to park there at night.

A Surprise for Scenic Photographers.

It is funny sometimes how when you least expect to take good photos and then the opposite happens. Countless times throughout my life I have driven past Hatfields Beach even as a child with family we never stopped, not to have a rest, to cool our feet or just stretch out legs. Now I always have my camera with me in the car just in case the conditions are just right.

When it comes to walking with the camera this small beach has plenty to capture. I have really enjoyed my visits and walks on Hatfields. The only thing is that I have never swum there so I can not give too much advice from that angle accept it seems a safe little beach for kids.

The road could be the issue but once down on the beach you are sort of cut off from the road. Hatfields is also only 15 min North of Auckland.

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