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Photo Magic in Your Garden

When you are new to photography.

If you are wondering where to start with your image taking, you need to look no further than your garden. If you don’t have a garden you could try the local park or anywhere where there flowers, trees or insects.

Anybody who has looked around on this blog can see that my photography is either scenic or plants and flowers. I became hooked on garden images after being given my Nikon Coolpix and usually use just the closeup setting.

A Garden of Opportunity.

Flowers and leaves make amazing images. You just need to capture these images while your subject is in its prime. This is also when you often find bees and insects visiting the garden giving a golden opportunity for some amazing images.

The following are images all taken from my NZ Garden recently.

Practicing closeup Photography has never been easier.
Even the flowers growing on the lawn take great images.

If you are wondering what you can take photos of.

Then perhaps you need to look no further than your front yard. The growing canvas offers new subjects and changes often with the seasons. You never need to be at a loss for some cool images.

This is a great way o have fun and to take close-ups with your camera.

Tips for best Garden Images

  • Early Morning when the dew is on the leaves and they look crisp and fresh.
  • Take images of the best flowers and when they are in their prime.
  • Be patient and take multiple images when capturing insects.
  • Use the closeup setting for the ultimate flower images.
  • After the rain, take images with rain droplets on flowers.
  • Try all seasons for leaf color.
  • Spider’s webs can be awesome too.
A Floating Flower taken using the birdbath in the garden.
Sun, shadows, insects, dew drops all enhance an image.

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