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Photography -A Walk in the Park

The park can be a good place to start when taking up photography.

There are four places that I really love taking photos, the beach, the bush, my garden and the park. Photography is the hobby that can also double for exercise. On a nice day while out walking don’t forget to take your camera.The park is a great place to start when your new to photography especially if there are some amazing large trees, ponds and often ducks or birds.I am lucky as I have a really cool park at the end of the road.

 Not just a park but a park with a scenic river running along side. Here you can capture the perfect image at every turn.

Let Trees Take The Image

What I really like about the park is that no two days are the same. Depending on the seasons the light, the time of the day or the weather, the scene of an  image is forever changing.

All of these images were taken on the same day.

Sun and shadows are interesting to an image.

Sky, leaves and sun. Catch the moment.

Close up of tree branches can enhance the scenic bush background.

The contrast of seasons changing can be all you need to set the scene.

Looking up into trees with the blue sky often makes for a nice image.

The branches of this tree make an interesting natural subject.

  • You can often find interesting flowers, insects and birds in the part that can make good Macro photography subject..
  •  also

Autumn River

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