Scenic Image NZ

Scenic River Image NZ

I am lucky enough to live in a river town. It is so good to be able to take scenic river images so close to home and during all seasons.

The best times to take a river walk with your camera

When I head down to the river with my camera it is usually because it is a beautiful day, the tide is in, it is autumn and the leaves on the trees in the park have changed to beautiful shades of orange and reds, or it is a misty and or frosty morning. During these days the photography is usually good. Early morning and evenings are always promising for scenic photography.

Using trees, branches to frame the foreground adds interest and themes nature in river images.

Early morning mist

I love taking the camera for a walk on those misty mornings. Frost also can add interest to photography.

Perfect still days for reflection.

I took the above images after there had been a lot of rain. I guess any weather event may be a chance at capturing some great and unique images.

Looking for an interesting angle to take a photo.

All of these images were taking off the same river.

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