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Coastal Image Scenic Drive North Auckland

For an Auckland coastal image choose the coastal route when travelling north of Auckland.

I do drive this road on occasion and I always prefer the coastal road. It is quite hilly but on a good day, the scenery will take your breath away. Another good reason to take the coastal road during summer is so you can stop along the way to cool off in the tide.

The Scenic Route To Capture a Coastal Image

I was heading down the coast towards Auckland the other day and I had the camera in the car, so I stopped to grab some images.

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Following the Coastal Route.

My journey started by heading South toward Auckland, as you come toward the tunnels you just turn off and take the free route. It takes you up a steep rise and you immediately see coastal views looking down into the estuary leading into Wenderholm Regional Park and you can see out into the Hauraki Gulf. Leading then down past Waiwera, a small beach known for its hot Thermal pools to which sadly are closed at present.

Beach Stopping for Photos.

Even though the news may tell you otherwise, the morning was perfect for taking coastal photography. I turned off to take a look at Waiwera beach. The coastal road used to be the main road in and out of Auckland going North. Many people would just bypass Waiwera unless they had planned to stop at the pools or were visiting the Hotel that was there by the beach some years ago. The little Beach often gets overlooked. Here are some images that I took yesterday.


Waiwera Images Auckland North

Continuing South to Hatfields Beach

Back on the Road and up and over the hill, you come down to Hatfields Beach. I have mentioned before that this beach has the road running alongside it. This seems to have become really popular for campers to park alongside in recent years. Once you make the decision to stop and check out the beach you are often pleasantly surprised and forget the road noise.

Coastal Image Below Taken at Hatfields Beach Auckland North

Beach North Auckland New Zealand
Beach Photo NZ
Beach Image New Zealand
Hatfields Beach NZ

Back On The Road Continuing The Coastal image

My last Beach to pass is Orewa. I did not go down to the beach but did stop at the look out at the North end of the beach for a photo. Orewa is quite a long beach and great for a walk. The cafes and shops that run along side attract a crowd.

I was pleased with my images yesterday. Lucky I missed the storm that the news was reporting. There were quite a few water spouts too which may have been good for photos but lucky for me I was there at a good time to get some nice images.

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