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The Ruins of Warkworth NZ

Many people do not know about the Cement Ruins of Warkworth.

I have been in the area for most of my life so I learnt about the Cement works in Warkworth from a very early age. As a child, we often used to go there for a swim. Growing up as a teenager in the area the old Ruins at that time was also a favourite hang out.

About the Old Cement works of Warkworth.

These cement works were the first for NZ of manufacturing Portland Cement in the 1880s
Foundered by
Nathaniel Wilson’s The Cements works closed in 1928 during the depression. Then left to slowly become the ruin that it is today.

Great for Photography or even a Swim

I did once love swimming in the big swimming hole at the cement works. I am sure that today many people still love to. A year or so back there was a scare as the lime edged waters turned a bright red-orange, all swimming stopped. But the waters seemed clear again on New Year’s day when I walked over to the Ruins with my camera. It was a hot day and there was nobody else there which amazed me. The swimming hole is edged with limestone shelves. The pool itself is very deep and care needs to be taken if swimming. There used to be a tree with a swing on the far side that was well used. The banks around the swimming hole have been cleared since then.

Walk and view the Ruins


This is one visit worth making if you are in the Warkworth area. It is really cool and the ruins offer something just a little different that you just do not see in these parts. There is also a marina there with boats out of the water being cleaned and maintained as the Cement Ruins are on the Mahurangi River Bank.

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This Happened to me.

I could not resist sharing my story. When I about 10 we were down swimming at the Cement Works one evening. Somebody yelled that they had just seen and eel. I was soon heading for the edge to get out. But too late. I had an eel attached to my foot and an eel attached to my arm. With much scrambling, Dad grabbed me and pulled me out of the water. The eels let go. An experience that I will never forget. Ha

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