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Hauraki Gulf Islands a Scenic Image NZ

This post is all about sharing my scenic images of the Hauraki Gulf.

This is a good chance to bring my images into one post. These photos were all taken on day trips or overnight camps in the Hauraki Gulf.

There are many Islands in the Hauraki Gulf, some I have been to, some you can not land on and others I hope to visit on a later date.

Hauraki Gulf Island
Boating in the Hauraki Gulf

Motuora Island is amazing and I was so lucky to get the opportunity to camp for 2 nights there. A great place to swim, walk and kayak in between just relaxing in the sand.

Kawau Island

One of my favourite day trips out in the gulf. I have been out to the Island on numerous occasions since childhood and it is a wonderful Island to visit. You can easily spend the entire day a Mansion House, a historic old homestead on the Island. From here there is a fun walk to the Old Coppermine to keep the kids happy. The grounds of Mansion House are perfect for a picnic lunch and a true historic adventure. You can check out more about Kawau island Here.

Kauwau Island Hauraki Gulf NZ

Rangitoto Island

Perhaps the photography is not so great at Rangitoto Island but you make up for it with some cool views across to Auckland once you get up to the top platform. It is a great day out and you get there by Ferry. The Island is not so great for swimming so on a hot day you may be better to just find a tree to sit under. I have been over to Rangitoto a few times now and I always enjoy the day. Ferry leaves from Devenport of Auckland City. Here is a good website to check out more about Rangitoto Island click Here

To get the best image of Rangitoto you are better to take it from the East coast shores of Auckland.

I have two more Islands yet to add to this post.Come back for more later.

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