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A Beach Image Sunrise, Sunset NZ

The Best Time to capture the ultimate Beach Image NZ

This is my opinion, not all photographers would agree but it always works for me as long as the sky is clear. Morning is a great time to go for a walk with your camera and get a great beach image.

Beach Photography
Early Morning walk Auckland East Coast Beach


Photography the hobby that goes where you go so if you love the sea you may enjoy capturing a beach image.

It is fair to say that photography is the hobby that you take everywhere. You will not be happy if you go somewhere and find that your camera is not with you. It does not matter if you are camping, fishing, walking, or going to town you need to be ready when the moment is right. Sometimes you get the best photos when you least expect it. I love taking photos on the beach early in the morning or in the evening as the sun goes down.

Check some of my images out.

Morning Beach Image NZ

Golden sunrise beach image NZ
Big Bay Sunrise
I love the way the early morning sun can turn the sea to gold.

West Coast Auckland
This photo was taken late in the day as the sun goes down.

Using the Sun to enhance the sea, the beach and all that sits upon it.

The sun just brings out the best in objects. From the right angle and with the write light an image can light up so to speak. This is also the perfect way to take home some cool images of your Island holiday or beach stay. If you are planning a holiday or time out at the beach batch don’t forget to take your camera and go walking at each end of the day.

An evening image Hauraki Gulf NZ
Log on beach sunset Hauraki Gulf Island
Capturing 3 or 4 props or features together can work into a great photo. Sand and sea alone may look flat but if you bring in a shell, tree, log or rocks then you add interest for a more rounded image.

Early Morning Ocean walk.

If I want to take photos of the beach, ocean or sea, I prefer to get out to the coast early in the morning. It also needs to be a nice day, unless you are going for the stormy look.

This is my last photos taken just the other day. These photos were taken from a local beach north of Auckland, Omaha.

Early morning photography
Sunrise beach image NZ

The sea is amazing to photograph. As long as you choose the right time of the day.

Sunrise is my choice in time to capture the ultimate ocean image.

I find that the best way to get the best early morning/evening beach photography is to stay at the beach either camping, hire a batch, stay with friends whatever it takes. That way you can be there just at that perfect moment.

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