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Bird Photos in NZ

Taking Bird Photos in NZ can be a challenge as it is anywhere.

It is possible the only time I get a little anxious with photography when the perfect bird shot presents itself. The camera is never ready and you are trying to be quiet so as not to startle the star of your image yet you find yourself in speed, retrieving your camera from its case and popping off the lens cap, panic sets in. I have missed many bird photo opportunities as the bird takes off in haste shaken by the drama of my sudden actions.

So from time to time, I am really happy to manage a bird photo to add to my collection. Many photos are taken on the coast. However every now and again you come upon a really good opportunity while walking in the bush or even just around the garden.


Birds naturally have a character of their own but none like the Pukeko. Some landowners find them troublesome as they can multiply into groups and their big feet tear up the turf. They also love to hit the fruit trees given opportunity, I was surprised one day to see a Pukako standing high up in my fig tree. The baby Pukako is so cute and funny as their feet look huge in proportion to the body. They seem to be quite social and hang around in their groups.

Perhaps the worst habit they have is to risk feather and beak on the road. Many a time I have had to take action to avoid them.

Heres a Character The Pukako
Busy Busy Pukako’s on the beat.

Oyster Catcher

As you may expect by the name. This bird hangs out on the beach. You often see this black bird with it’s red/orange beak running up and down the beach telling some tale.

It was cool to catch this Oyster Catcher having a bath.

Gulls of the Sea

Many people think seagulls are just common birds and don’t give them a second look. I think they are cool. What a life cruising over the sea and what great camera footage they make.

Sea Gulls in Fight.

H’mm Which way?

Wood Pigeon (Kereru)

This bird is amazing. It leaves you with an extra memory from bushwalking as you startle it there is rather a commotion as this larger bird gets lift off and takes to flight. They eat too many berries sometimes and struggle to make a quick getaway. Their wings make a noise as they fly often low over your head. A really great bird.No bush walk is complete without the wood pigeon.



Like the WoodPigeon these guys are not always easy to catch on camera. They flitter around making lots of noise and land in the bushes and trees to get nectar from the flowers. They also are cool to listen to with their musical tunes, but move about fast so it can be hard to get a good image.

This is the best image I have of a Tui feeding on a flower. Oh, actually this is the only image. I have not been quick enough for successful photos.

Sea Birds in Trees

These are the last Bird images for this post. I have lots of photos of duck, chickens and even peacocks. But I will save them for another day. These Sea shags spend their days standing in trees often looking out to sea. Great targets for my camera. Take a look.

Just Standing Around 
Found this fellow peering out to sea

White Faced Heron

These guys are cool too. Great for a photo as they play in the mudflats and shallows.

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