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NZ Pohutukawa The Ultimate Tree Image

Maybe if your a visitor to NZ one of the memories you will take back with you will be the great sprawling trees on our beaches. The NZ Pohutukawa Tree.

I have written this post, yes to share more images, but the main aim is to just admire the amazing Pohutukawa Trees that line many of our Kiwi beaches. I fondly remember many summers climbing, swinging and enjoying a Picnic lunch beneath the great Pohutukawa Tree.

Useful as they hold the grass bank and sea cliffs together with massive roots and many branches sprawling out. This tree is is another of natures great natural sculptures and a favourite icon of NZ summers.

The Perfect Feature for the Beach Image.

If you love to take photos at the beach then the Pohutukawa makes the ideal subject. Capture this tree in flower with the blue glistening sea behind to secure an amazing image.

The NZ Pohutukawa Tree not only hangs from the side of cliffs. It stretches out over the sand with its many branches twisting and turning in no formal manner offering protection from the sun, a branch to hang a beach towel and a tempting playground for the kids.

As Kiwis we respect and love this tree. It can live for 100’s years and grow up and out, often looking like it is leaning and has sprawled out onto the beach, and seems happiest on the coast leaning toward the sea.

A True Natural Christmas Tree

We know it is Christmas or near to when the NZ Pohutukawa Tree is adorned with its reddy-crimson coloured flowers. Some say when the tree is heavily covered that there is going to be a hot summer.

NZ Pohutukawa Tree In Flower

The Pohutukawa

You see them along NZ coastlines, in local gardens, in painting, craft and local souvenirs. Best of all you can capture them in your scenic NZ images.

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