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Scenic Image NZ / Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Capturing the ultimate beach photography means taking home great memories, cool images to share and true treasure drawn straight from nature.You may always take your camera with you, or sometimes wish you had thought of taking photos but with digital cameras, taking photography is just so easy. The trick is to know just when to use it to get some amazing images.

Here is a cool Trick. Stand in the sea and take an image back to to the beach view.Taken at
Te Muri Bay Auckland North

If you have been hanging around with me here you will know that I love taking photos. I am no expert but sometimes I like to pretend I am.Beach photos are a passion of mine although I find it hard to paint ocean scenes I find it different when it comes to beach photography.

Capturing Waves is fun

If the beach is not giving out good photography vibes but the sea has a swell with some nice waves big or small then you can have a bit fun just trying to capture the wave.Waves big and small take good images.

This wave is very small yet interesting enough for an image.
Black and White Coastal can look cool too.

Sometimes you just know when the time is right for a photo.For me this brings a number of factors in together. The colour of the water, the way the light is shimmering across the sea.The position of the sun.Then there are the props to bring in a focus point.It could be an old branch or piece of driftwood, a boat, sea bird, shells, tree or palm, waves or people splashing in the sea.You soon learn to know exactly when the time is right.When there are enough elements together to take a well balanced shot.Trick is to make sure you then have the camera on hand.

It can be all about timing.This is an early morning walk just before we head into Auckland to grab the Ferry to Rangitoto Island which you can see here off shore.
Photo taken from Campbells Bay.East Coast Bays Auckland

Time it Right

Looking to capture the sun shimmering across the sea. Go for early mornings or try sunset in some cases. If you want the wild sea head out with your camera before, during or just after a storm. Photos usually look better when the tide is in.There are a number of factors that make for a good beach image and timing is one of them. Sometimes I get to the beach and the light is all wrong, the sea looks flat and the water looks uninviting and dirty.Timing can mean everything.

Just looking for a couple of interesting elements together, the right light and perfect angle.You will soon get good at spotting it.

This Image was taken at Goat Island Marine Reserve.Capturing the shimmering sand.
I found the wet rocks and swirling sea an interesting subject.

All you need is the right light, subject and the best angle to enhance it. Once you become interested in taking beach photos the rest soon just comes easy.In know time you will always be on the look out for the perfect shot.

Sunrise Hauraki Gulf Island NZ
Motuora Island late evening beach walk.Check out post.

Be Prepared

Digital Cameras are so cool.You can take tons of photos and just pick out the best of them. Trick is to have your camera with you when the time is right.Also you keep back up battery power.I have fallen flat with this and been disappointed.Now I cart two cameras and lots of spare batteries and my husband to help carry them.That’s being organised.If you are an amatuer like me and just like taking photos you don’t need a big fancy camera. Just a good digital camera will do.

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