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A Day Trip to Waiheke Island

My first Day Trip to Waiheke Island

It took me a while but I finally made the trip across from Auckland on the ferry to Waiheke Island. I have been back since with the car and spent a few nights there. But my very first trip over was just a day trip to Waiheke Island and time to spend and catch up with my son. He decided it would be a good way to spend some time together and have a good catch up. I had often been curious about what it was like over there and naturally jumped at the chance.

Waiheke Island get the ferry.

Grab a Ferry to Waiheke

Starting off on our day trip to Waiheke Island we got the ferry from Devenport. (you can also get a ferry from downtown Auckland.)It only takes 15-20 mins to get over there and my son, to whom was familiar with the Island, informed me that we had a bit of a hill to climb once we landed. The road up was busy with traffic at first while the bulk of new visitors to the Island went their separate ways. We tackled the hill on foot to which I would class as a medium fitness requirement. On making the top we then followed the path down into the main group of shops

After enjoying a coffee and refreshments at a busy little cafe and checking out a local art exhibition we again made our way onto the path heading away from the shops and set our sights for a ridge with no real plan of where we may end up. The views at the top where just what I was hoping for.Camera at the ready.

Views and Vineyards

The views are amazing on a nice day, and you pass arty batches to multimillion dollar properties with land, olives and vineyards dotted around and after stopping to take in the amazing views of the Hauraki Gulf, we cut through a small bush walkway and found ourselves a little off the grid but soon back on track as we headed up the same first pathway we started on from the ferry.

Olives and Vineyards at Waiheke Island

Heading into the other direction away from the shops at the top of the road we found ourselves at a welcoming vineyard where we enjoyed refreshments and lunch on the lawn while again enjoying the views.

Then as luck had it we found a shortcut down to the ferry with little time to spare before the return trip to Devenport.

A perfect day and home with great memories to cherish.

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