Christmas in NZ 2018

Yes, I love Christmas in NZ, summer is coming and our Christmas tree is about to light up in colour. Although in some places it already has.

Pohutukawa Flower.NZ Natural Christmas Tree. They say when the Pohutukawa tree flowers well we are in for a long hot summer. 

Christmas in NZ is a hectic time as I am sure it is anywhere in the world, Many Kiwis go to their holiday batches or go camping as Christmas lands during our summer months. I guess it is the season of madness. Shops go crazy and it becomes stressful just to grab some milk. The roads are even worse with ques stretching down both Islands. Boats, campers, buses it seems everybody is heading North, in our district especially.

Families come together, some more reluctantly than others. For me though, I usually have a day similar to any other. Although I may have bubbly with breakfast while I sit on the deck and enjoy the garden. I look forward to seeing my Son and Daughter in law, and this year the plan is to have lunch at my place. My brother and family are also calling in, but by the late, in the afternoon I will be back in the deck chair drinking more bubbly. Years past we have spent the afternoon kayaking and swimming. But this year I am not heading to the coast on Christmas day.

What’s on the Menu?

We usually have a variety of salads, hot ham, roast meat or BBQ. I often make a trifle, chocolate log or pavlova with fresh berries from the garden. Lots of snacks, cheeses and freshly cut fruits, pineapple etc. Oh and lots of bubbles, or did I already mention this.

About the Berries

I am so happy that my Berry vine is covered this year so there will be heaps of yummy berries. The last few days the mission has been to stop the birds from eating them so I have put some old net curtain over the vine and explained to the cat that there is work to do.

Now before you go and get hot under the collar. Our cat has only ever caught one bird and after she stared at it in shock not knowing what to do next I helped the little bird back to its feet we watched it fly away. It just so happened that bird was in my berries when she came across it. Truthfully the birds have the cat all sown up. They even tease her and try to get her to go on the road. We keep her inside at night so she never gets her own back.

Well, that’s enough of the menu.

The solar Christmas lights are multiplying in the garden much to my husband dismay. Wait till he spots the Christmas lights that I am going to string up all around the deck.

Can’t wait to try new recipes.

Oh yes, Christmas is fun.

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