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Day Visit Hauraki Gulf Saddle Island NZ

The Hauraki Gulf’s Saddle Island is a perfect picnic and swimming location

You may have guessed, Saddle Island ( Te Haupa Island )gets its name because of the saddle like shape. Only a 15 min by boat from the mainland, this is a popular choice with us while fishing and exploring the Hauraki Gulf.

No camping or huts but day visits are no problem.No permission needed just the usual rules. No fires, be careful of bringing any pests with your boat etc. There are signs up when you get there with the basic rules.

This Island is a day explore Island. Walk the narrow bush strip up and over to view the other side of the Island. The water is cool and clear so you can enjoy the perfect swim in between enjoying a picnic on the sandy beach. The landing beach is often sheltered making it perfect to enjoy time with family and friends.

The drawback is you need a boat to get there, or a sea kayak on a good day may do it.

Check out a map here of the Gulf Islands

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Check out some Images of Saddle Island

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