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Scenic NZ Bush Train Trip Coromandel

I Highly recommend this scenic  NZ bush train trip

On visiting the Coromandel Region recently one of the highlights was visiting the Driving Creek Railway and enjoying a train trip that winds up through the lush Kiwi bush.

The tourist attraction for young and old to enjoy.

This is an enjoyable tourist attraction with a difference and suited to all ages. Hop the train and relax while you enjoy the full commentary and education on the history of the property and making of the train track up through the hilly native terrain.

At first, I was a little worried, I’d seen photos, the fun train winding up through steep native NZ bush but I never let fear stop me if I can help it and always figure if I don’t like something then I will just close my eyes. But such survival steps not needed on this tour just a camera and your away.

This is a unique adventure and if you want to get the most amazing views without an exhausting hike up then this is one way to do it.

The tourist attraction with an original edge.

What do you get from this Tourist attraction? You get to do something that maybe you have not done before. You see, smell and feel the New Zealand native bush as it brushes past the train. You pick up on some local history. You get taxied to great heights, no effort and enjoy the ultimate views.

Where is Coromandel? 

Coromandel is located south-east of Auckland. About an hour and a half drive, when the road is not clogged with holidaymakers. Take the coastal route for a scenic NZ visual banquet.

Check out some photos.

My Thoughts

You may have figured by now that I enjoy everything I do. Perhaps It stems from a deprived childhood but really I am just happy to be out doing stuff. I had wanted to do this trip through the hills for a very long time so when the chance came up I jumped at it. If you find yourself in Coromandel NZ then go and check it out. A must do.

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