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Rangitoto Island Day Trip Auckland

For a great day out in Auckland check out Rangitoto Island.

I have to be honest, this was my 3rd time up to the Summit of Rangitoto Island.

Last weekend I met up with family in Auckland and we decided for a fun day out to catch the Ferry to Rangitoto Island and then climb to the top of the summit for lunch.

Catch the Ferry from Devenport or Downtown Auckland

We travelled into downtown Auckland and caught the Ferry from the wharf in the city. It was quite busy. Being the school holidays and such a nice day, many others had the same idea. Once the ferry was loaded and underway, the trip takes about 20mins, with a quick stop at Devenport to pick up more passengers.

On landing at Rangitoto the pathway is good.  You set off and will find various signposts giving you options of which way to go depending on what your plan for the day is. We took the shortest track to the Summit. It takes about an hour to the top and to start with the going is easy. Maybe a little hot as the shade is dabbled with much of the trail being open,  exposed and flanked by piles of dark volcanic rock, but an easy enough walk for the first 20 min before you start to rise. There was a long line of us weekenders to begin with as we all came off the Ferry together but that soon changed as we all separated into our little groups and we soon only meet others on occasion each going our different ways.

A Day for Walking, Photography, Volcanic Landscape and Views of Auckland

The good part is you can stop as often as you like, to take a photo, have a drink, and check out the lines of rocks still placed just how the lava flowed down the mountain all those years ago. Rangitoto rose out of the sea only 600 years ago. There are lots of areas where the trees have found their footing but there is also lots of volcanic rock everywhere.

You may have seen many photos of Auckland and Rangitoto being a featured local icon and the Island is often photographed or featured in local artwork. But the following are some of my photos from this days outing.

Who’s idea was it to climb a mountain?

Actually, I had this bright idea and the family got dragged along for the ride. The last time I walked up Rangitoto Island, I suffered for days after. I was determined to prove that I was a lot fitter now than back then when I sat in an office all day. The good news, it was much easier this time around, even if I was slow. I do have to stop for photos.

We did a side tour towards the top to check out some larvae caves. Just another half hour walk return so well worth the extra time. Again all signposted. This track was a little more tricky but we were glad we did the walk to the caves. You do need a touch though, which we were sadly lacking.

The final walk up to the summit involved lots of stairs and a slight uphill track in between. Not too bad and on getting to the top there is lots of room to eat your lunch and enjoy the views across to Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf.

We took a walk down that took much longer than it would have if we had returned the way we went up but the track was good to walk even if I did fall over. It was a hot walk back and I am sure if there had been a nice beach to cool off as we would have been tempted but the volcanic rock around the coast is not inviting so we just moved towards the ferry and took with us memories of a great day out.

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