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NZ Plants in My Garden


Why NZ Plants in my garden?

I have decided to do something a little unusual for this post and share my garden images.

Well, this post idea is actually inspired by my flower photo images that are all taken in my home garden North of Auckland.With my Nikon Coolpix Micro setting the flowers can make top close up subjects.

You may soon guess


I love to garden and after moving to a house that had next to no gardens 5 years ago I have spent years creating a small oasis right in the middle of town.  Living in this location means that the climate is subtropical and apart from a couple of frosts edging winter we are lucky and enjoy a mild sort of climate and with a good constant dose of rain and sun.

Let’s go for a stroll.

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Thought for the small garden.

Having a small garden means you have to put even more thought into planting to enable you to make the most out of your space. Having a large deck meant for me that I needed to use pots as well to increase growing space. Lucky I love pots so that was no problem. The garden has actually taken on many different areas. With a citrus garden and what I call a growing wall for edibles.To a small water feature and all with low maintenance planning.

Of cause, no garden of mine is complete without an area for my shell and rock collection gathered from many of my adventures that you can check out in other posts on this blog.

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