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Scotts Landing a Picture Image NZ

Just where is Scotts Landing NZ?

Within an hours drive heading North of Auckland and out on the Mahurangi East Coast is where you will discover a small scenic bay, Scotts Landing, tucked in close to the mouth of the Mahurangi River.

The beach itself is small in comparison to many but on a hot day when the tide is in this little bay is perfect for a family picnic. Great swimming for young kids and the water is often cool and clear. As the tide recedes you can walk out and around the little Island attached at the end of the bay, Cassell Island. There is lots of grass area to play cricket and spread out for a group gathering off the sand, with lots of large trees for shade. Then you have the Historic House to check out. Scotts Homestead. This stands proudly in the centre of the Bay with a picket fence and small garden.

If you are planning a visit

Should you decide to check out this little bay there is one downfall and that is the parking is not good, especially in the heat of summer. The road out to Scotts Landing towards the end is narrow and it winds down a steep and rough road to the small car park which is often taken by the time you get there leaving the only place to park up the side of the narrow road leading in. With a cliff on one side and deep ditches the other it can be very tricky to find a good park. Many people fish off the Jetty and also from the car park so this increases traffic to the bay and there is also a boat ramp so it can be very busy.

Fond Memories of Scotts Landing

With I was young we had lots of BBQ’s and work gatherings at Scotts and I recall many times the great fun we had swimming and playing on the beach in the evenings.

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