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Black and White Coastal Image NZ

Having fun with the camera in a black and white image setting.

Just decided to play with the black and white setting on my camera one day and I was pleasantly surprised by how well many of the images looked. These are all coastal images, taken around various parks and beaches in the Auckland north region.

Let’s take a look at some. See what you think.

NZ Coastal Image
Wild West Coast Auckland Above

The bark and trunks of the Pohutukawa Tree look really good in black and white Above.

Coastal NZ

Sea Image NZ

Why did I go with Black and White?

This post was really just about having a little fun taking black and white images for a change.

Check out my other posts to see lots of colour images and many beautiful beaches and Islands around the coast of NZ. I found the sprawling Pohutukawa trees and the white water against the dark rocks made for good images in black and white.

Below I thought it would be nice to compare two images. Originally taken in normal setting then changed to black and white with photo edit.

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