Kauri Museum
Day Trip North Auckland

Matakohe Kauri Museum

Spend a Day At The Matakohe  Kauri Museum

Here is a good idea for a day trip North of Auckland on a nice winters day. Travel north to the Matakohe Museum, enjoy lunch in the cafe and spend a couple of hours looking over the extensive collection of gum treasure from past while you learn the history of the Kauri and the lives of the men who worked the hard yards in the bush.

The Kauri Tree and especially the golden Kauri Gum that seeps from the tree has fond memories for me. We used to search for the gum in the bush when we were kids and it was always prized when we found a small amount and was kept on the dresser along with other treasures of the heart.

The Kauri Tree Rooted in Early NZ History

One of the great things about NZ is the early history from the Maori people to the early settlers. The Kauri Trees and gum played a very big part in the early days and so when I was offered a chance to return to the Kauri Museum I could not wait.

This museum is one place where you could easily spend a day. There is so much to look at and I will never say no to a return visit.

Yes, put this on the must-do list for anybody travelling in the North of the North Island New Zealand. Take a picnic or enjoy the cafe.

The Matakohe Museum

Takes you into the History of The Kauri and the Gum diggers extensively and you can relive the story as you walk through and view Kauri, equipment, apparel, housing, machinery, replica sawmills, photos and written historical documents. You will be amazed by the beauty of the huge gum collection, furniture and boats made from Kauri. You will view the worlds largest Kauri Slab(22.5mtrs)You quickly realise how hard the lives of the early pioneers must have been.

The Museum also houses a life-sized replica boarding house that you can walk through.

The Museum is large and you need to allow plenty of time so you don’t miss anything.

Some museums are old and dusty and you walk around and just think oh yeah. Well, I have to tell you this museum is the best I have seen. It engages you from the start. There is so much to see and visiting the Museum is a memorable and great way to enjoy a day with family and friends.

Big Kauri Slab

The visit to this Museum you really do not want to miss if you find yourself travelling in the Auckland  North region of NZ. It really is well worth the visit and extremely popular with tourists. I highly recommend a visit.

I can not say enough good things about this Museum. Every visit I have made to the Kauri Museum has been a positive and really enjoyable experience.  If you are travelling in the North Auckland region of New Zealand then this is well worth your time.

Here is a website link so you can find more details on the Museum.

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