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Tawhranui Regional Park Day Picnic NZ

Tawhranui Regional Park is a great family day out.

 As a kid, we went to the park for family and work picnics on occasion over summer. One thing that  I remember is that the road was rough and very long, narrow and with lots of sharp corners and we used to dread the ride out there. I  also remember the very deep rock pool that dad and his workmates would throw a beer bottle into and dive in for it. Even now when I visit the park I look forward to seeing the rock pool.

The road to Tawharanui is much improved and the park is a beautiful place to visit where you can camp or go on day trips. On a nice day over the weekend, you can pack a picnic and go early. Many other people have also discovered this Conservation Marine park and it is now very busy on summer days.

A popular place for surfing, swimming, hiking, mountain biking or just sitting on the sand, having lunch under the shade of the trees or walking the rock pools and caves.

As you get there

You pass the rangers house and camp entrance as you travel through large gates and along to the main parking. Get there late in the heat of summer and you may just have to park where you can. This is a popular place to go with locals and tourists Lots of people go surfing when the swell is good. Hikers love it as do families for a fun day out. Walk through the bush, Climb up to the views, swim in the cool clear sea, surf, snorkel, explore caves and rock pools. The park has it all.

As usual, I do not go anywhere without a camera or two. Check out some amazing photos of the park.

There is always ongoing effort put in by rangers and volunteers to preserve and protect the area with bird life and native fauna. All the Regional parks in NZ are gems and we are lucky to be able to enjoy them.

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