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Quarry Garden’s Whangarei Visit NZ Garden

Quarry Garden’s Whangarei gets the thumbs up from me.

It got me thinking the other day. Just what do you do during the weekends? As we slide into spring yet it is still to cool for a beach day. Then I remembered my visit to the Quarry Garden’s  Whangarei, a perfect days outing for the ultimate spring-like day.

Visiting garden’s is often overlooked, yet they can be a great place to hang out and relax for a while. Auckland has public gardens by the museum, the botanic gardens and others. and there are lots of private gardens and properties that are open for public visits.

I had never heard of the Quarry Gardens in Whangarei.

I must admit when I first found out that we were to visit the Whangarei Quarry Garden it was instant education. I had no idea that they even existed. I checked the website out and liked what I saw, so was keen and ready to go. I am a keen gardener and do enjoy being around plants and outdoors with nature.

The Day Of the Visit

The day was perfect and wondering around the garden tracks was blissful. A good mixture of native and exotic subtropical plants. All this opening onto cool rock pools and falls.

I find it best when I get to this point just to plaster my images out there for you to check out for yourself. So here goes.

Take a Picnic

To note there are also areas where you can sit and have your lunch so take a picnic along too.

Many of the Garden plantings 

were still in the early stages.

There was still lots of planting going on in the gardens so I need to return to see the wonderful progress and beauty that is evolving in the Quarry Garden. A stunning day out relaxing and chatting to friends as you wander through these amazing gardens.

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