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Te Muri Bay Great Camp Spot NZ

Te Muri Bay Is not only just a great camping spot

Te Muri Bay camp is also quite isolated for a beach that is so close to Auckland.Reason being that you do have to walk a little way to camp and many people shy away from doing that. There is no road into the camp. You access it from Mahurangi West regional park where you park and then follow a grassy track down to an estuary which needs to be crossed at low tide, from there onto the beach and the camping ground is at the far end of the beach.

The other option is to go into the bay by boat with all your camping gear. A popular method for family campers that need much gear. It is also great to have a boat to go fishing or out exploring the many Islands of the Hauraki Gulf.

I have been camping at Te Muri Bay a few times. I love the fact that when the tide is in you are cut off from the rest of the world. Comforting in some weird sort of way. I have sat on the beach with family and friends on many occasion enjoying wine and watching the sun go down. I have seen two New Years in at Te Muri Bay. Great memories that will never be forgotten.

Again like many camps I write about here, there is only a couple of long drops and nothing else. Never been an issue to me. You get up in the morning and go straight into the tide. Fresh and ready for a day of boating, kayaking, swimming and walking. The stuff perfect holidays are made of.

Check out some photos.

At low tide, there are great walks either around rocks or overland to the next bay Sullivan’s Bay. This bay also has a camping ground and is popular during the summer.

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