Beautiful Omaha Beaxh
Beach Visit NZ,  Day Trip North Auckland

Omaha Beach NZ North Auckland Lens View

Omaha Beach NZ

Is a beach North of Auckland, A popular beach with quite a number of flash homes and Holiday homes. I remember my first visit to the beach when I was just a kid. Back then there were very few houses. just loads of sand dunes and surf. It is great to be able to remember when nature was natural and untouched. Omaha Beach is still a beautiful beach as I have tried to capture this with the following images.

The beach has little natural shade so on a hot day you will need to bring a cover. Suitable for surfing when conditions are right and often suited to the beginner.A good beach for a long walk and a tumble in the surf.

Scenic Omaha Beach

Capturing Nature Via the Lens

Omaha Beach a great day trip from Auckland.

NZ Image Black and White

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