Omaha Beach NZ North Auckland Lens View

Beach Visit NZ, Day Trip North Auckland / Saturday, July 28th, 2018

Omaha Beach NZ

Is a beach North of Auckland,A popular beach with quite a number of flash homes and Holiday homes.I remember my first visit to the beach when I was just a kid.Back then there were very few houses. just loads of sand dunes and surf.It is great to be able to remember when nature was natural and untouched.Omaha Beach is still a beautiful beach as I have tried to capture this with the following images.

The beach has little natural shade so on a hot day you will need to bring cover.Suitable for surfing when conditions are right and often suited to the beginner.A good beach for a long walk and a tumble in the surf.


Scenic Omaha Beach

Capturing Nature Via the Lens

Omaha Beach a great day trip from Auckland.

NZ Image Black and White

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