Take a Look at Hot Water Beach NZ

Beach Visit NZ, Day Trip North Auckland, Scenic Image NZ / Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

I had always wanted to go to Hot Water Beach

My Visit to Coromandel was my big chance.

My sister came over from Australia so we planned a visit to Coromandel. This was my big chance to go to Hot Water Beach. All I knew was that you dig a hole and then relax in the warm water that comes in from underneath.

I booked a cool little place right in Coromandel Township so the trip to Hot Water Beach was a little distance to travel around the coast We were visiting close to  Cathedral Cove so we jumped at the chance to visit there too. A little advice for anyone planning to do the same during the summer, go at the crack of dawn or you will be driving in circles looking for a park, or walking some way to get there. The main car park was full so we decided we were better to try for Hot Water Beach to catch a suitable tide. Here is my photo of Cathedral Cove from the top car park.

Coromandel Scenic NZ

My plan is to visit Cathedral Cove on my next trip to Coromandel and do the boat trip in. It looks fantastic and is the place to go if you are visiting the area. Magic photography, stunning scenic NZ.

Hot Water Beach

Me at Hot Water Beach
My Visit to Hot Water Beach

Timing was good for Hot Water Beach. The parking was not gridlocked plus we had time for coffee at the cafe on the beach and then enjoyed some time browsing the local art and craft shop which is where we also hired spades for digging. We were told it is best to dig 2 hours either side of low tide soon walking the beach we spotted a group of people gathering in one area, giving away the best place to dig.

Play Like Kids

I loved the experience at Hot Water Beach. Digging in the sand like kids again. The warm waters soon filled the hole we dug. A New Zealand experience not to be missed.

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