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Beautiful Scenic Trip To Auckland Take a Look

I was more than ready for this scenic trip to Auckland

Overnight at Keddle House,  Anawhata Beach. 

Wow instantly springs from your tongue as you round Keddle House and onto the edge of the lawn at the back. You are totally blown away by the view as you realise this is a true scenic trip to Auckland. It is not just the first time that you see it either, but the second time and every time the wild scenic image comes into view or ahead of your lens. Auckland West Coast is awesome.

What made me go to Keddle House?

The chance came up as a friend announced that she had booked 2 nights for us in a house on the cliff overlooking Anawhata beach, West Auckland. At first, I was not even sure where the beach was, then a little research showed me the location and I was more than ready for a scenic trip to Auckland.  Keddle House. Build in 1931, a cottage on a cliff overlooking Anawhata Beach just north of Auckland’s famous Piha Beach. I packed my camera and I was ready to go.

The Road Trip

After travelling to the west side of Auckland then out onto a never-ending windy metal road we finally came to a  dead end, parked the car and just a  quick stroll down a bush path we come to Keddle House.

Keddle House

The house is full of character, not just from the history attached, but even down to the old furnishings, carpet and relaxed more casual feel The toilet is outside but attached to the house so you don’t have to walk far. It’s a fun hangout for a family or two and like us, you may find you spend most of your time either sitting outside just drawn to the view or down the step grass track and onto the beach. The beach was too rough to swim safely and as we found out you even need to be careful fishing from rocks however there is an estuary that is ok for a cool off.

Scenic Trip to AucklandWest Coast ViewWest Coast Auckland View

Out Walking

When you enjoy a scenic trip to Auckland you either take millions of photos, walk the many tracks in the area, fish or surf. We went up and down to the beach on the narrow steep track many times. The beach magically transforms as the tide moulds the view with massive rock formations, sand dunes transforming images.

Let the images do the talking.

This is one weekend away I intend to repeat. I believe you could take a trip anywhere on the West Coast of Auckland and have a scenic view just like we did.

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