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Walking in the Kiwi Bush the must do NZ Experience

I love walking in the Kiwi Bush

You can easily step out and enjoy nature in New Zealand.

The bush in NZ is a good choice  if you love to hang out in the outdoors

I spent hours playing in the bush down the back of my father’s house as a kid and maybe that is why I love to go for bush walks today. There are walks in NZ that are suited to all levels of fitness. From half an hour to overnight and even days, it is easy to enjoy walking in the Kiwi bush in New Zealand with public bush walks throughout the country.

The bush here is maybe a lot safer than many overseas as we do not have snakes or dangerous creepy crawlies. The Weta can be a bit frightening but I have never seen one while walking in the bush. I had one in the back of the car a few months back but luckily I did not know that it was there as it was dark. We seem to have a lot around the house here in town.

Let me describe my view of walking in the bush

As you step into the bush and follow a pathway padded with decayed twigs, ferns and forest plants. The low growing ferns and Punga leaves often hang out over the path, grab your hair and flicker in the breeze. Ths Supplejack vine sends it’s limbs out doing it’s best to trip you up. The trunks of the Rimu trees stand tall and you often come across Pine trees and if you are lucky a young Kauri comes into view. The Punga’s make a home where ever they get their footing from the tall growing fern trees to the low growing ferns. Nikau Palms are dotted throughout this green canvas as the young ones take residence along the edge of the trail. The cabbage trees claim their place as their old leaves add to the composting mattress of the bush floor while the Manuka tree shows it’s strength and versatility as it compliments the tapestry and balance of nature’s artistry. 

Large Tree Fern  in Kiwi Bush

The Fantail bird dances ahead of you and flicks in and out with great talent between you and the trail as you walk. The wood pigeons make a sudden rush noise and you disturb them along the way while the Tui’s sound out into a musical orchestra from the tall tree tops.

So  Many Walks on Offer

You may be wondering where to start. I found a really good website that lists lots of walks. You can check it out here.


The trail goes from easy to overgrown as it winds around the trees and ferns. The sun tries to filter through the leaves of the ferns. Hills can become difficult and slippery and you tend to grab at the furry dark trunks of the Pungas, and long limbs of the  Supplejack to try and keep your footing. The sound of running water is common as you near creeks and waterfalls and this becomes a great place to stop for refreshments along the way.

Water fall in the Kiwi bush CoromandelA Creek running through the Kiwi BushFern FrondBush walk NZ

A truly magical place to spend time.

There are many well-pathed trails to walk if you are looking for the Kiwi bush experience A short walk in the bush can be so pleasant on a hot summer’s day.

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There is another way

Of enjoying the NZ bush if walking is not for you. You may like to check out this post from a visit to the Coromandel region. Scenic NZ Bush Train Trip Coromandel Click Here

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