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Beach Visit NZ, Hauraki Gulf Island NZ, Overnight Beach Stay NZ, Scenic Image NZ / Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Do I want to camp on Motuora Island?

What a question. Who would turn down an offer to camp on Motuora Island? I am lucky for 3 reasons. First I live in this amazing country ( I am always grateful for that) Next I have the best brother in the world. He loves the outdoors and loves to go boating, beaching and camping as do his wife and kids. Best of all Aunty always gets an invite. So I always work in a couple of days escape from work to attend if you can. The 3rd reason is that I do love the beach, bush, sea, sand and escaping into the outdoors.

Well as I sit here typing up a great summer memory while the rain hits the window and the winter chill is in the air. I share my photos that tell the ultimate story and press my memories into print so you can take a look at this magical Hauraki Gulf Island too.

As above you can only boat or kayak to the Island and you would need a sea kayak and a good day. But the Island is close to the mainland so easy to get to. There are Water taxis at Sandspit you could use also.

I went camping on Motuora Island just after New Years in January this year 2018. This was my first ever visit and if I have my way it will not be the last. My brother picked me up in his boat from Martins Bay. They had already been camping on the Island for the last 5 days so they were well and truly set up.

It was a nice day and coming into the Island that day was amazing. The sea was crystal clear just like what you see in those travel brochures. 

The summer was in full swing so the cool waters of the bay were so welcoming and I lost count of the number of times I went swimming. Boats come and go throughout the day and the sand was so hot that it becomes a quick sprint to the tide.

The guys went out for a fish or dive each day so there was fresh fish for dinner each evening. I went snorkelling and was pleased to spy a couple of young paua hiding within the rocks.

I love camping, sitting reading a book, chatting with friends, swimming, walking, kayaking, taking endless photos and relaxing in the evenings on the beach enjoying a laugh and a drink or two while the moon moves across the sky.

Camping on Motuora  Island is great. We were a little way from the long drops but that’s ok. Nothing like enforced exercise however at night time it becomes interesting getting there and back and there were so many tents dotted all around on the second night.

In the morning if you are an early riser which I am you get to walk the beach, breath in nature and watch the sun come up. To me, this is the ultimate and there is nowhere else that I would rather be. There is also a walk over the top of the Island to the other side and once over there you are not disappointed. I will let the photos tell the remainder of the story.

Another great camp.

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