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A Magic Day Kawau Island NZ

Looking for something to do on a beautiful summers day in the Auckland Region?

There is an Island in the Hauraki Gulf that is a great destination for an extra special day out.

Picture this 

You come around the rocky coastal outcrop and into a crystal clear bay and there is a huge beautiful historic house on the foreshore under some massive palm trees. The long wharf adds to the scene and your ferry comes alongside to lead you directly to Mansion House.Breathtaking.It gets me every time.

Out in the Hauraki Gulf of Auckland, you will find Kawau Island another of natures gems and also a great day trip out either by private boat or by ferry. Only 10 mins across from the mainland and great place to explore, hike, picnic and take a look around Mansion House.

I have visited the Island often as I spent much of my childhood in and around coastal North Auckland. There have been school camps, overnight fishing trips and many lunch picnic stops while out boating in the gulf and ferry visits to Mansion House. Dad used to visit the Island for work on occasion when we were kids so we often tagged along for the adventure then too.

I am a great believer that first impressions stick and my first experience of the Island was the quiet cool clear water lapping gently on the shore. The smell and sounds of the bush with millions of cicada’s in the trees. Isolated and peaceful.

Check Out some Photos from my recent trip to Kawau Island

There is always something special about a day trip to Mansion House it is not just the scenic image that greets you as you enter the bay. It is the small bush tracks the glistening bays, the peace with no car sounds or mainland noise and Mansion House itself is different and interesting to explore.

A little history

Mansion House was first a residence for the superintendent of the copper mine and then in 1862 Sir George Grey purchased, renovated and enlarged the property and proceeded to make Kawau into his home.Including bringing exotic animals and plants to the grounds of which peacocks still roam. He also introduced Weka’s and Wallabies the later of which have made a  mess of the bush in recent years and I believe Doc have had to put much effort into controlled this species to allow the bush to regenerate. There are still Peacocks walking and living around the grounds of Mansion House today.

We were lucky and the day was beautiful for this trip across to the Island. From the mainland, it only takes about 15 or 20 mins by either boat or ferry. My brother owns a boat that spends the summer exploring the Hauraki Gulf and what a playground it is. So many small Islands to stop for a swim and a picnic. The sea can kick up rough at a moments notice, and I have been out there on occasion when it has. so it pays to check the forecast before you plan your day.

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