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Lake Taupo for Girls Time Out

What is better than a NZ beach? A Kiwi lake like Lake Taupo.

I guess given the chance we all love to explore the country that we are in. That’s why I jumped at the chance to visit Lake Taupo.

Even with 6-hour drive, the district of Taupo is so worth the visit. I can only imagine what it may be like in summer. such a beautiful place. With the crystal clear waters of the massive lake to the bush walks circling the edge.


Book a bach for a great holiday


Well, the girls needed a break so I booked a holiday house on the southern side of the lake at Pukawa Bay close to Turangi. We drove right down and around the lake to get there and in so doing made the most of untold magic views as the sun was going down and shimmering across the calm water. This is the 3rd time in less than a year that I have booked a holiday house and it seems I have either chosen well or gotten lucky all 3 times. The place was warm, nice and very cosy even with it being surrounded by bush. We sat around the fire and enjoyed a glass or two of our chosen drinks and nibbles.

It was like turning up after some major event and we were the only few to be seen. Of course, the camera went crazy. Check out some scenic photos of the lake.


The area was extra quiet, apart from the constant bird song, and this surprised me even though it is a slightly more secluded spot. There are quite a few houses dotted amongst the bush but they were all locked up and I guess waiting for the summer to come round again.

We found a track down to the lake through the bush close to our holiday home. It was an easy walk down but steep with two lots of stairs.

Scenic Lake Taupo

The lake was beautiful and very calm. We enjoyed time sitting in the sun and walking around the edge of the lake but then decided as the day wore on that a dip in the local thermal pools would be just the ticket before enjoying another night by the fire.


Scenic Lake Taupo

Winter at Taupo Lake

A winter stay at Taupo lake is actually fun. A great way to catch up with friends. It may be too cold to swim in the lake but there are thermal pools to enjoy warming in and the natural wild pools to enjoy a walk around. Girl’s time away was a great success.

You can find out more about the thermal pools at Taupo here.

In Winter you can enjoy the Hot Thermal Pools.

Summer at Taupo Lake

Summer at Taupo Lake is so different from the winter. Our visit was so quiet. There were empty holiday homes everywhere and nobody to be seen. However, I have been told that during the summer holidays and hotter months of the year, Nov- March, the lake is packed with holidaymakers and buzzing with boats.

Spending time with Friends

Spending time with friends is so precious and we all need to make a point of taking the time to do this. I will soon be looking for our next booking and outdoor adventure.

Girls Time out Lake Taupo

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