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This blog is where you will find an Ocean Image, a coastal experience and a great place to check out some North Island NZ beaches.


For Love of the Beach.

My first swim for the summer and a day trip to the local beach is surely the way to enjoy the beginning to this year.

What is Important Heading Forward Into the future?

Before Covid hit the news was all about the climate and global warming. Although the threat of global warming is not at the forefront of our news headlines recently, the problem is still very much with us.

This blog is all about a scenic image with a very strong theme being the beach. Moving forward into the future we all need to be mindful the natural earth, the oceans and yes our impact on it. Each choice that we make can change the outcome of the future so it is up to us.

So What can we do?

We can seek sustainable packaging and be careful about which fish that we choose to consume. We can assist, support and stand behind all of those who are actively out there making a difference.` We can pick up rubbish each and every time we walk along the coast. We can spread helpful messages on social media.

Save the Oceans
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We can be mindful of making a change and encourage others to also.


Checking out Beach Events to Enjoy this Summer

After a little research, I came across some really cool and useful websites to keep an eye on. Stay in the know and be ready for some beach fun this summer.

Surf Lifesaving– Watching events can be an enjoyable way to spend a beach day. Surf Lifesaving NZ is a great website to keep an eye for upcoming events and join in with support. Click Here to visit the website.

Ocean Swims NZ– If you are one for swimming, this may be for you. Be ready and keep up with the open water swimming events and be ready for upcoming events. Click Here to view Ocean Swims NZ

Popsicle Sand Castle Competition March 2021- Be ready for this one. Looks to be a fun day out at the beach. Takapuna Beach. Click Here to Read More Takapuna Beach is Rocking it with a big Beach Festival Feb-March Click Here to Check it out

My Posts on this blog include not only day trips, beach trips but also overnight, Island and camping adventures. Most in the Auckland North Region. You may have guessed that my camera goes everywhere with me.

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