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to “Stepping  on Paua” Check out the about page to find out what goes here and then follow the posts to join the NZ outdoor journey with day outings, camp trips, Island visits, bush ventures, outdoor food ideas, seek out pure and organic New Zealand products, but best of all enjoy some scenic NZ photos. Oh and I am sure there is so much more to come.(This blog is in it’s new beginnings started June 2018)

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West Coast Auckland NZ

Come Play Hauraki Gulf Islands.

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This is a magic Island just out from Auckland. You need a boat to get there even though it is just out from local  beaches, say 10 min by boat, off the North Islands mainland east coast. Take a look


An Island for fishing , swimming, walking, diving, kayaking and relaxing in the sand. That is when you can put the camera down.

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Stick around and come for the ride with so many NZ adventures to come.