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Summer is here, love the beach?, love the sea?, You may like to check out the Hauraki Gulf here with me.

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Already into the second month of 2020 and summr this year and temps are very hot. Temperatures are soaring with temps recorded at 35+ on the deck at home. The local beaches are busy as locals and visitors to the district seek to cool off and enjoy an ocean dip. If you are in the Auckland Region this is the perfect time to get out and enjoy outings in and around the Hauraki Gulf. A great time for an Island day trip or an all day picnic. 

Day Out Auckland

In Auckland during the cooler months? Check out my post on what you can do to enjoy a wet winters day in the city. I have to say, we have had some really nice days so far this winter and on one hint of frost so far. It is already the end of July.First time I can remember this happening. You could say a very mild winter in the North so far. Click Here

Its true you may need to be a nature or photography nut, or beach lover to want to get lost in the posts on this Blog. You can start at the welcome page to find out what goes here and then follow the posts to join the NZ outdoor journey with day outings, camp trips, Island visits, boating in the Hauraki Gulf, picnics and more.

Looking forward to new adventures this year to share. Plans for 2019 on this blog are to introduce picnic and outdoor recipes alongside many great new posts.


Sunrise Sunset the Best Time for Beach Photography.

Taking Beach Sunrise and Sunset Image’s to enhance your scenic coast photo collection.

                                  Auckland scenic Image        Click Here                                                                                                 

 West Coast Auckland NZ 

If you have never seen the West coast of NZ or even if you have you won’t want to miss this post and the fantastic scenery to view with it.Click Here

Pacific Future HopeNZ Paua

You hear so much negative news about the oceans these days. I don’t know how many times I have seen videos on Facebook with Whales and Turtles struggling with nets caught around them. It is heartbreaking. However, there is hope and The Great Ocean clean up is just that. Great people, real people that are to be supported and admired, as they care enough to put themselves out there and physically do something about the trash collecting in our oceans. Never before in my view has there been any more worthy cause to support. These guys are life’s true heroes.

It’s been called the largest clean up in history. Check their website out.


Island Visits, Beach Hut holidays and Seaside Camps. Check out my Posts.

You may like to check out an Off Shore Island Post Camping at Motuora Island Hauraki Gulf

This is a magic Island just out of Auckland. You need a boat to get there even though it is just out from local beaches, say 10 min by boat, off the North Islands mainland east coast. Take a look

An Island for fishing, swimming, walking, diving, kayaking and relaxing in the sand. That is when you can put the camera down.

Going Volcanic

Come for a day trip out and check the latest post visiting Rangitoto Island.

Walk a Volcano for a great Auckland Day Out.

Stick around and come for the ride with so many NZ adventures to come.

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